Local job opportunities for all abilities

Real job opportunities are proving life changing for individuals with a disability thanks to flexible and positive workplaces in our local community.

Southside Toyota Service Department Manager, Brett MacDonald (Mt Gravatt), employee Jason Cooper and Aisha Sellers from Myhorizon Employment & Training

Jason Cooper and Ashley Chase are two great examples of this, both clients of Myhorizon’s Employment and Training service, and both working for Southside Toyota’s Service Departments. Jason has been working with Southside Toyota Mt Gravatt for six months where he eagerly gets in and does any job that’s asked of him including cleaning, organising the work benches, and being an all-round handyman for the entire team.

“Before I got this job, I spent my days not doing too much. I feel like now my life has turned 180 degrees. I’m now very positive and would one day love to be an apprentice mechanic. I would jump at the chance”. Says Jason.

“My manager and the rest of the team here are very accepting of my disability. They don’t treat me any different, they treat me as one of the guys and it makes it easy to come to work.”

Jason’s Manager, Brett MacDonald has also noticed the positive changes in him since he first started working at Southside Toyota.“Jason is now way more confident, he talks to more people, has opened up more, and the rest of the team here really like working with Jason because he puts in 100% effort in everything he does.” Says Brett.

Ashley Chase, a Myhorizon client who is in a similar role at Southside Toyota Woolloongabba also talks fondly about his work environment. “I was very nervous and cautious when I first started. Now it’s easier and familiar and I’m learning new things about cars. I’ve become more confident” says Ashley.

Ashley is also a participant of Myhorizon’s Lifestyle service where he receives assistance from a Disability Support Worker at his home a few days a week. After Ashley expressed a keen interest in working in the automotive industry, Myhorizon was able to work towards a new employment opportunity for Ashley.

Delivering sustainable employment outcomes is at the heart of everything our Employment and Training team do at Myhorizon.

“It’s about placing people in the right jobs with the right employers and providing them with ongoing on-the-job support and training so they have the best chance for success” says Jean Jensen, Employment & Training  Manager at Myhorizon.

“The management of Southside Toyota have always been accommodating of Ashley and Jason. Myhorizon appreciate their support in providing a positive and flexible workplace.” Says Jean.

“So many of our clients are so eager to have a job, and really hard-working. When we are able to match them up in a job that they enjoy, and are good at, there is no better feeling.”

Myhorizon are proud to have recently been awarded 5 STARS for our Disability Employment Services by the Australian Government Department of Jobs & Small Business.

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