“The NDIS doesn’t have to be scary”

Hayley Hansen is an easy going, fun loving 28-year old. Hayley loves to go shopping, take her puppy out for walks and do what most other young women enjoy doing.

Hayley Hansen, a participant of Myhorizon since 2008.

As a Myhorizon participant since 2008, Hayley is like many other participants right now, waiting for her NDIS Plan to be approved so she can continue to do the things she loves, but also have the opportunity to choose the supports she needs, when and where she needs them.

When speaking to Hayley’s mother Shan, it’s clear that Shan only wants the best for her daughter, and as a full-time working parent, Shan appreciates the one-one-one support that Myhorizon are able to provide to Hayley currently. Shan’s biggest goal is for Hayley to one day live independently.

“We are getting older as parents so it’s important that Hayley gets the supports she needs to become more independent, and one day live on her own.” Said Shan

Shan says that Hayley’s journey with the NDIS has so far been a very positive one. After having her Planning meeting date confirmed, Myhorizon were able to dedicate the time with Hayley and Shan to complete all their necessary paperwork, ensure all their required information was gathered, and best prepare them for a successful meeting.

“Joe T. from Myhorizon came out to see us and was here for about 3 hours. He filled out all the paperwork for us and prepared all the information we needed for my meeting. He was great and he even came in with us to Hayley’s Planning meeting.

“Ive been really impressed with the whole NDIS process so far. I was a little nervous walking in but the Planner we had in our meeting was lovely. She really listened to us.” said Shan.

Shan’s advice to other families who are still working through their Planning meeting preparations is to be honest and not take all the negative comments on board that they might hear.

“There’s a lot of overwhelming information out there about the NDIS, and yes you have to think of the worst day of your loved one’s life rather than the best day when you’re answering the Planner’s questions in your meeting, but they are there to help you. Having people to support you in the meeting is a really good idea too.

“The NDIS doesn’t have to be scary. I don’t know yet know what we’ll get in our Plan, but so far we’ve had a very positive experience.” said Shan.

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