Building staff skills to support our Participants

At Myhorizon we pride ourselves on ensuring all our staff are well trained in order to provide excellent support to all participants, focusing on their individual needs.

Recently we have concentrated on upskilling our staff in the Lifestyle division, ensuring they are competent in understanding the specific needs of participants in the areas of Ventilation, Enteral Feed and Epilepsy.

For all training requirements there are two parts the staff complete. They first attend a workshop in their specific area of support. Our lovely RN Kyra then meets with each staff member to ensure they understand each participant’s individual specific needs and are competent in providing the correct support for that participant.

These training initiatives have been a great way to explore and build on each staff members’ skills so they are able to perform to the best of their abilities. Thanks to great RNs like Kyra, staff now have the best understanding possible of the specific needs of participants.