It’s a full house at Riley Drive

It’s been a warm welcome for Lifestyle participant Scott Adam, to our Supported Independent Living home in Riley Drive, Capalaba.

With tenants Stephen and James already living in the property, the last vacant room has now officially been filled with Scott recently moving in and joining the bachelor pad.

The men in the house were thrilled with Scott’s arrival and his calm demeanor and easy-going attitude have made him a fantastic and compatible addition to the house.

Now that Scott has moved out of home, he’s keen to expand his skills in the kitchen and cook for his housemates (with the help of his Support Worker). He’s even been given the run-down by his new housemates on how to operate the dishwasher and washing machine and actively contribute to keeping the home clean.

Scott is no stranger to embracing an independent lifestyle, having already achieved his driver’s license, and arriving to his new home in his very own car, which he regularly enjoys taking for a drive when he gets the chance.

What a fantastic and empowering achievement!


When transitioning into Supported Independent Living (SIL), Myhorizon believes that the compatibility matching process is the highest of priority. We want our participants to live with people they feel safe and comfortable with.

We believe that the success of a SIL home is dependent on appropriately matching participants based on age, gender, interest, location and support needs.

We want our participants to take an active part in choosing their housemates. We ask our participants what they want and need and we design a home environment to suit their wishes.

We don’t fill vacancies, rather we match people who are compatible to live together.

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Happy housemates

It’s not always easy finding a compatible person to share a home with, but for Ian Milne and Dwayne Evans, they’re now like two peas in their own ‘bachelor pod’!

Both Ian and Dwayne had previously transitioned to Supported Independent Living through Myhorizon’s Accommodation Services, and earlier this year had each been living on their own. The strong friendship they formed had them soon making joint plans for activities, visiting each other’s homes, and bonding over their love of the Broncos.

“It seemed like a natural next step in Ian’s and Dwayne’s friendship when they requested to share a house together”. Says Rod Kennedy, Director of Myhorizon’s Accommodation Services.

“We put a transition plan in place soon after which included sleepovers at Ian’s place with their support staff, while we consulted family members and conducted all the necessary checks with the NDIA.” Says Rod.

In April this year, Dwayne moved in to Ian’s Thornlands home and they haven’t looked back.

“It has been really great to see both Dwayne and Ian develop this strong bond, but also build their capacity and skills to communicate their choices and preferences for living together, and all the daily routines, tasks and interactions that come with that.” Says Rod.

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